Master of the Hunt, Part XIX

All parts linked here. 1420 hours, the Batcave Unlike Batman, Nightwing usually packed light, even when he was planning on a fight. He strapped his rods to his back and was already prepared to go. Cyborg grabbed his shoulder. “Nightwing, you’re sure you want to do this?” “Of course!” “He said he was going to […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XV

All parts linked here.   1300 hours, the Batcave A rejuvenated Batman strode towards the central Batcomputer, determination etched into his features. Nightwing smiled up at him, glad to have his mentor back. “Good to see you’re up, Batsy,” Cyborg grinned. Dick simply nodded, then got to business. “With the help of a couple friends […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XIV

All parts linked here. 1215 hours, a nondescript hotel suite The microwave dinged, and a pretty young woman retrieved the chicken soup from therein, adding salt and pepper to taste. She might have been drop dead gorgeous, with a little effort. Her hair was a mess of golden and platinum curls, cascading down around her […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XIII

All parts linked here. 0645 hours, Arkham Asylum The pod that had smashed through Arkham’s security computers popped open after more than half an hour of steaming. Its engines were still cycling down. This one was different, more streamlined than the one Huntmaster had arrived in. Inside, oblivious to the breakout that had gone into […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XII

All parts linked here. 0630 hours, Wayne Manor Bruce Wayne came to, spitting blood. “Alfred, what the heck was that?” “It would appear that the young man got the best of you not once, but twice, sir. He was very polite about it.” Bruce swung his legs over the side of the bed, sitting up. […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XI

All parts linked here. Screaming across the sky at several times the speed of sound, my thoughts finally caught up to me. I had no idea what I was doing. For one thing, I was headed back towards Gotham. I suppose heading South was a good thing, but I was going to pass straight over […]

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