Winter Soldier Cosplay (Also, Winter Soldier Arm Tutorial)

So this is a brief picture montage of my first real foray into the world of cosplay, dressing as Bucky Barnes, A.K.A. the Winter Soldier from Captain America 2. Note that this is also a tutorial on how to make the arm (in case you didn’t read the title).

Step one – wrap your arm in Saran Wrap or an equivalent (I used those plastic sleeves that fast food cups come in because I work at a local Chick Fil A). Then wrap this layer in tape to get a mold of your arm. I used packing tape, and had to get help to do so.

Bucky Arm 1

Step two – Stuff this mold with something )plastic shopping bags work well) and draw on the rough pattern you’d like.

Bucky Arm 2

Bucky Arm 3

Step three – cut the upper arm and forearm apart.

Bucky Arm 4

Steps four through sixish – Alright, this is where my pictures grew sparse.

I created a second mold around the first and copied the pattern I wanted onto it. Note that using packing tape at this stage is smart because you can then see through it to trace the patterning. Then cut the OUTER mold off and into the individual segments. Tape these segments to a piece of cereal box cardboard.

Bucky Arm 5

Step seven – Cut out the individual segments and superglue them to the Saran Wrap/packing tape template, using rubber bands to ensure they hold all the way around.

Bucky Arm 6

Bucky Arm 7

I would like to point out that I used Captain America’s shield in the process. It was a complete accident but very fitting.

Bucky Arm 8

Step eight – Once all the segments are on and the glue has dried, spray paint the segments silver. Once the paint had dried, I applied a strip of packing tape along the seam that runs the length of the arm for support.

Bucky Arm 9

Steps nine through ten – I cut the shoulder off a black jacket and spray painted it silver before embroidering a red star on it – tucking this into the upper arm created a suitably mobile yet convincing shoulder joint. I then took a synthetic glove and spray painted it silver for the hand. I had to splice open the wrist joint slightly to be able to get my hand through. Add mask and wig and viola!

Bucky cosplay no wig

I did actually have a wig, but for some reason left it off for the picture my brother took. Go figure. I’ll dig around and see if I have one somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Winter Soldier Cosplay (Also, Winter Soldier Arm Tutorial)

    1. Thank you very much! I discovered a few days ago that one of my friends has several more pictures of the completed costume (at least one with the wig), so as soon as she gets me those I intend to post them. Watch around for those!


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