Master of the Hunt, Part XXV

All parts linked here. Finally, Huntmaster was able to stand. The A.I.s came back online, and he jumped over the boxes he was hidden behind. He rushed towards the fight, stooping to grab knives from beside Bombshell. A cursory analysis by the Peace A.I. revealed explosives hidden inside them. He smirked, ever so slightly. As […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XXIV

All parts linked here. Even as they fell, the woman directing Headhunter laughed. “Don’t you see? Resistance is futile! Bru-” Cyborg nailed him in the face with a salvo of plasma. “Not cool, lady!” As Headhunter staggered, the voice gasped in excitement. “We get Cyborg too?!” “No, you don’t!” Nightwing jumped onto the Headhunter’s back, […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XXIII

The woman’s voice was openly mocking now. Huntmaster consigned himself to a headless grave. “Headhunter,” indeed. Then a light thwang snapped him up. A Batarang had implanted itself in the chink between Headhunter’s chest plate and neck brace. Huntmaster braced himself. Like a swarm of wasps, electricity danced through and across Headhunter’s body, some spreading […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XXII

1545 Hours, Gotham Harbour Huntmaster was waiting as the last boat drifted aimlessly in towards the dock. “Hail humanity,” he called, his voice firm, and the distant response came. “Hail purity.” The voice was flat, very much synthesized. Huntmaster didn’t recognize it. “Identify rank.” “Headhunter Mark Seven-Point-Two-Two.” Huntmaster stiffened. He hadn’t heard that designation previously […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XXI

1530 Hours, Batcave Hangar “Batman, you realize that it’s rush hour, right…?” Nightwing asked. “And the Batwing is out of commission…” Batman muttered. “Cycles?” The dynamic duo looked at Cyborg. “I assume you two have Batcycles or something?” Batman shrugged. “It’s not ideal, Batman, but it’s our best option.” “Hmm.” Batman turned with a fluorish […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XX

All parts linked here. 1500 hours, Gotham City Huntmaster was out of his element. Civilians thronged the streets, every square foot of pavement bearing a car, an individual, a vendor’s cart or an open air table. Even in the early afternoon, flashing lights assailed him from all directions. Hailing from an era where public transit […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XIX

All parts linked here. 1420 hours, the Batcave Unlike Batman, Nightwing usually packed light, even when he was planning on a fight. He strapped his rods to his back and was already prepared to go. Cyborg grabbed his shoulder. “Nightwing, you’re sure you want to do this?” “Of course!” “He said he was going to […]

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