Master of the Hunt, Part XIX

All parts linked here.

1420 hours, the Batcave

Unlike Batman, Nightwing usually packed light, even when he was planning on a fight. He strapped his rods to his back and was already prepared to go. Cyborg grabbed his shoulder.

“Nightwing, you’re sure you want to do this?”

“Of course!”

“He said he was going to handle this.”

“I know. Since when do I know when to leave well enough alone?”

Cyborg shrugged in acknowledgement

“I know the Titans have been disbanded for some time, but do you want to call some of them in? Maybe Raven or Starfire…”

“No. We’re not putting them in danger.”

Cyborg laughed.

“But I’m sacrificable?”

“No, I have a hunch.”

At that moment, Bruce, back in costume, joined them over the intercom.

“I’ve got the Batmobile working.”

“Br- You’re up?” Nightwing asked incredulously.

“What made you think I would actually rest?”

Nightwing sighed.

“Fair enough. You’re going to insist on coming with us then?”

“Of course.”

Cyborg and Nightwing nodded at each other, then Cyborg broke into a massive smile.

“Teen Titans-”

“Don’t say it….”


Batman interrupted.

“No. Get down here or I’m leaving without you.”


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