Civil War Thoughts

Alright, I’ve talked a lot about the biggest super hero smackdown we’re gonna see this year (No offense, Batsy or Supes, but neither of you is established enough to compare).

I’ve decided to compile my thoughts here, and with each progressive post, I’ll append it to the bottom.This will essentially be tracking how my opinion shifts with the approach of the movie and the arrival of new information, new arguments from friends (and commenters – remember you can talk to me too!), and whatever I learn about our two MCU newbies, Black Panther and Spiderman, who each have a shot at swinging me.

So far I feel a bit like a Black Panther fanboy. He’s pretty cool in the trailers we have so far.

Anyways, here are links to all my Civil War posts in chronological order. Enjoy, and feel free to comment your alignments and what you think of my thoughts!

((Note – yeah, some of these aren’t terribly serious. If you want serious, don’t read 2, 3, or 4. Those ones are just pictures.))