Master of the Hunt, Part IV

All parts linked here.   0500 Hours, the Batcave As Nightwing filled Cyborg in on his portion of the happenings of the previous ten hours, Batman hunched over the Bat Computer. When Nightwing finally finished, Batman gestured for his attention. “Computer, display a three dimensional model of the Blüdhaven Harbor subject.” “Yes, Master B-” Batman […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part III

All parts linked here.   0200 Hours, the Batwing, Steelhawk Army Base Batman landed silently just inside the walls of the encampment and disembarked to be greeted by a familiar silhouette. “Batman. Always a pleasure.” The voice was gruff but not unpleasant. “Cyborg.” Batman’s voice was slightly stiff, but Cyborg stepped forward, a broad grin […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part II

All parts linked here.   2300 Hours, the Batcave Once Deathstroke was safely locked up in Arkham, an unmasked Dick Greyson stood beside a stil masked Batman, watching over the unconscious young man from behind one way glass. “What do you think?” Batman simply shrugged in response to the question. We don’t have enough information. […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part I

All parts linked here. 2100 Hours, Blüdhaven Harbor Nightwing lithely lighted on a crane just as the scene below was getting interesting. Cocking an eyebrow, he almost immediately cued up communications with his old mentor. Bruce Wayne accepted the call, relegating the video feed to  one of the periphery screens of the Bat Computer. “Dick, […]

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I have split my blog! Going forward, this blog will be strictly used for the delivery of my stories. I have ones set in both the DC and Doctor Who univierses coming. My other interests that have been on this blog previously have been divided into dedicated sites (linked in the list below). Warhammer 40k […]

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