Master of the Hunt, Part XVIII

All parts linked here. 1415 hours, Arkham Asylum The ice was entirely melted now, and the darkened figure inside stood up, boot complete, now wearing full armour. He glanced around, fixating on the one boat that was still intact and present. Exuding quiet menace, he strode towards it. Something serious was about to go down. […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XVII

All parts linked here. 1400 hours, a nondescript hotel suite Lunch long concluded, Huntmaster had begun plotting his next move. Neither Bombshell Blonde nor Sync had appeared in his databases, which unnerved him. If nothing else, there should have been at least a historical footnote, but, on the bright side, it meant that the war […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XVI

All parts linked here. 1315 hours, Arkham Asylum The figure in the pod had nearly thawed entirely. He – it was definitely a he – was both broader and taller than Huntmaster, with visible technological augmentations.¬†As the last of the ice receded, his eyes flickered red. An audible voice from the eyepiece over his left […]

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Master of the Hunt, Part XV

All parts linked here.   1300 hours, the Batcave A rejuvenated Batman strode towards the central Batcomputer, determination etched into his features. Nightwing smiled up at him, glad to have his mentor back. “Good to see you’re up, Batsy,” Cyborg grinned. Dick simply nodded, then got to business. “With the help of a couple friends […]

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