The Forgotten Regeneration


Episode 1 – Reset – The newly regenerated Doctor investigates disappearing youth. (

Episode 2 – Escapades – The Doctor helps Uriel orchestrate his escape from U.N.I.T. and rescue the girl in his head. (Coming soon!)

Episode 3: Strength of the Daleks – The Doctor takes Uriel to analyze his first conflict with Post Time War Daleks, in the bunker of billionaire Von Statten. (Coming soon!)

Episode 4: The Ultimate Warrior – In his quest to find a way to wage war with the Daleks, Uriel finds himself tested against the perfect soldiers. (Coming soon!)

Episode 5: Weakness of the Daleks – When Uriel requests that the Doctor introduce him to the Cult of Skarro, they make a great discovery. (Coming soon!)

Episode 6: When Angels Fall – Prompted by Uriel’s obsession with the superhero Iron Man, the Doctor takes his companions to the unveiling of the first real suit of powered armour developed by humans – a terrible mistake. (Coming soon!)

Episode 7: A Human Foe – The Doctor takes Uriel and Mary back into the ancient Americas, pursuing a psychic signal, and discovers a beleaguered general. (Coming soon!)

Episode 8: Home of the Daleks – Hoping to follow the age old maxim of “Know Thine Enemy,” the Doctor and his companions relive one of the Doctor’s darkest experiences – his trip to the Dalek homeworld. (Coming soon!)

Episode 9: Resolution – The Doctor introduces Uriel and Mary to three of his other selves as he relives the deliverance of Gallifrey. (Coming soon!)

Episode 10: The Doctor’s Weakness – In spite of the great pain it brings, the Doctor takes Uriel to another of his conflicts with the Daleks. (Coming soon!)

Episode 11: Identity Crisis – Uriel relates the numerous inexplicable memories that he has been seeing, sparked by his adventures with the Doctor, and the Doctor enters his mind to search for the explanation. The reveal is something he would more than likely never have imagined. (Coming soon!)

Episode 12: The Future of Our Kind – The Doctor, Uriel, and Mary begin investigating families disappearing from the year 2050. (Coming soon!)

Episode 13: Blackmail – The Dalek plan falls into place, as they manipulate the Doctor through Mary. (Coming soon!)

Episode 14: Destruction – The Daleks are defeated by UNIT, but the timestream begins to disintegrate. (Coming soon!)