Master of the Hunt, Part XXIV

All parts linked here.

Even as they fell, the woman directing Headhunter laughed.

“Don’t you see? Resistance is futile! Bru-”

Cyborg nailed him in the face with a salvo of plasma.

“Not cool, lady!”

As Headhunter staggered, the voice gasped in excitement.

“We get Cyborg too?!”

“No, you don’t!”

Nightwing jumped onto the Headhunter’s back, jamming one of Sync’s blades into every chink he could find. Headhunter swung him off, hands clasped around his neck.

“Do it!” Nightwing spat. “It won’t change anything.”

“Gladly, Mr. Greyson.”

As Cyborg took aim for another salvo, a motorcycle roared around the corner. Its rider wore a red helmet and a grey hoodie over body armour, guns strapped to his thighs.

He wrenched the bike to the side and jumped clear at the last second, causing it to crash and roll, distracting Headhunter. Even before he landed, he had both guns out and was unleashing a hail of bullets on Headhunter, pinpoint shots shredding finger joints, forcing him to drop Nightwing.

“Red Hood, I have never been so glad to see you!”

“Can it, Nightwing.”

Batman himself dropped down behind Headhunter, and the three martial artists spread out around him. Cyborg targeted his face, and then the bats struck as one.


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