Master of the Hunt, Part XII

All parts linked here.

0630 hours, Wayne Manor

Bruce Wayne came to, spitting blood.

“Alfred, what the heck was that?”

“It would appear that the young man got the best of you not once, but twice, sir. He was very polite about it.”

Bruce swung his legs over the side of the bed, sitting up.

“How can you call that polite? He stole my car, then my plane… He’s got heck to…”

“With all due respect, Bruce,” Nightwing interrupted, slowly moving into the room, “We’ve got a bigger problem.”

Bruce looked at his protege as if he had a second head.

“We have a time travelling super hero assassin on our hands, and you think we have a ‘bigger problem’?”

“Cyborg and I have been bust. We attempted to map the energy frequencies that corresponded to…” He consulted the tablet he was holding. “Huntmaster’s arrival in our time.


“Well, we have reason to believe that he will never kill anyone important, because we had help in the form of a second occurrence.”

“When? Where?”



“Sir, I insist that you rest,” Alfred interrupted.

“I already got some friends of mine to handle it, Bruce,” Nightwing reassured him.

Bruce’s head fell into his hands.

“This is insane. Absolutely insane. Have any of the rest of the League been informed?”

“No sir. We figured it would be best to leave them out of this, rather than start risking lives.”

“Good… I think.”

“In other news, Deadshot took the Batwing out of the sky over the harbour about forty five seconds ago.”

“So Huntmaster is still in town?”

“We have every reason to believe so.”

“We might contain this yet.”

“Like we were saying, no need to fret. You should rest.”


“Of course, that assumes we can handle both hunters.”

Alfred interjected again.

“Bruce, rest now. You can clean this up in a couple hours.

“Cyborg and I will keep working,” Nightwing agreed.



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