Master of the Hunt, Part X

All parts linked here.

At the apex of the car’s roll, Huntmaster surged through the already busted window, using the car’s momentum to fling himself beyond the path of destruction. He bounced and then rolled nearly a hundred yards, landing  face down, the Batmobile screeching to a halt a few feet shy of his position.

He rolled over on to his back, staring up at the sky, just in time to catch a rough silhouette across the moon – the Batwing.

He smiled. Now that the Batwing was on, he could hack it.

Batman had brought him a great prize indeed.

Huntmaster rolled over to his hands and knees and slowly stood, walking away from the overturned Batmobile. A matter of moments later, another silhouette whooshed to the ground before him. He calmly raised his hands above his head.

“It takes quite a man to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.”

“It takes another man entirely to steal my car.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because I’m Batman.”

“Brilliant reason. Look, you caught me, red handed. All I wanted was to be left alone but it looks like it;s the Suicide Squad for me, eh?” the young man retorted, with reserved anger.

Batman scowled and hit a button on his belt, firing off a length of line and tying the young man’s hands.

“Oi! I was surrendering!”

“Alfred, bring down the Batwing.”


In a matter of moments the Batwing was behind Batman, and the Dark Knight spun with a flourish and gestured for the young man to follow. He did so – closer proximity meant better hacking.

When Batman was about a foot away, Alfred spoke up again.

“Sir, I seem to have lost-”

Huntmaster suddenly had control. He fired off all the Batwing’s sonic weaponry at once, creating a shock wave that blasted Batman over his head. With lighting reflexes he cut the Batline with the blades on Batman’s gauntlets, freeing his hands.


He quickly turned, an orange light growing in his eyes, to find Batman already upright, and threw a punch beore Batman had the chance. It was a near identical replica of the punch he had thrown earlier in the Batcave, but with one major difference.

Batman attempted an identical defense. However, the punch curved more than the previous one, its trajectory not meant to hit Batman, but rather to spin Huntmaster and then take advantage of Batman being off balance. He threw his legs around Batman’s neckand  slammed his head into the ground. He then quickly reached down and grabbed a small knife from Batman’s belt – the same one that had tranquilized him earlier – and jammed it into Batman’s side.

The vigilante fell limp.

Huntmaster stood up, breathing heavily, the light subsiding from his eyes. He reached down to Batman’s still active comms.

“Mr Pennyworth, I’m afraid you’ll have to come collect Master Bruce. I need to borrow the Batwing., I’m sorry.

With that, he jumped into the Batwing and took off.


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