I have split my blog!

Going forward, this blog will be strictly used for the delivery of my stories. I have ones set in both the DC and Doctor Who univierses coming.

My other interests that have been on this blog previously have been divided into dedicated sites (linked in the list below).

  1. Warhammer 40k
  2. Cosplay

I’ll be copying the Warhammer 40k introduction post over to the Warhammer 40k blog and continuing it there. In addition, Kraut Scientist of my all time favorite Warhammer 40k blog and I may be doing a collaborative lore project in the near future, coupled with actual pictures of some of my actual models, which has the potential to be really cool.

The cosplay blog will document my next project, beginning almost immediately –  a full Iron Man suit. I’ll be doing a custom suit/rough approximation of War Machine Mk 3 using a combination of templates taken from the Iron Patriot and Iron Man Mk 39 “Gemini” suits, as well as the projects that come thereafter.

I hope all three of you who’ve looked at this blog will take a moment to drop in on these new blogs occasionally as well.

Until my next post (and it’ll be a big one), farewell!


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