An Open Letter To BBC

Dear BBC,

What the heck are you doing?!?!?

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’m dying to know, what is your thought process  behind this treatment of Whovians.

I’m ninety percent sure that this is some form of insanity or something. I’m not sure, but insofar as I’ve seen, it’s affecting Sherlockians as well.

Why are you pulling Doctor Who from streaming services?

I’m rather frustrated. Strictly speaking, I feel like I should have access, given that payment has been made not only to Netflix but also to a tv carrier that provides access to BBC America. I can understand pulling shows from third party carriers, but honestly, removing even relatively recent material from your own website? Why?

I’m not terribly happy that my best option at this point is 25 USD to stream seasons from Amazon, to the nearest that I can tell, once per purchase.

Please tell me you have some plan that isn’t the equivalent of a wallet sucking vampire in place to take care of your devout fans.

Yours truly,

The Writer of the “Nineteenth Doctor” fanfiction/expanded universe story,



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