More Civil War And Other Things

Yeah, I’m thinking about Civil War again.

Not that anyone’s going to read this, so no one’s going to complain.


I just found this GIF online. Could I point something out?

The first thing Tony freaked out about when Scarlet Witch screwed with his head in Age of Ultron was Cap dying.

I have a mild bone to pick with this (namely, Pepper should have been first, given that Iron Man 3 revolves entirely around his emotional disorder that is driving him to protect her), but it drives home a point I’ve been trying to make very nicely. Yes, Tony is a tad of a loose cannon but for the love of Pete he’s done a crapton for the world, and, more importantly, he’s been becoming a better and better person as the universe progresses, slowly overcoming the flaws that have defined him for so long. People like to bash on him for being a terrible person and a flawed ally, especially with the rapidly approaching Civil War, but the reality is that Tony and Steve are friends. People want to pretend that Iron Man is the bad guy and always has been but he really isn’t and hasn’t.

I immensely dislike the attitude that Civil War is prompting. People are tearing at a character who, ultimately, is more admirable than Cap for being a bad person. Heresy? Probably. I know a handful of girls from Frisco, Texas who’d tear my throat out at such an accusation. But hear me out.

Captain America is an incredibly cheesy and functionally unattainable character from the point of view of his moral mindset. He is, the first movie would have us believe, flawlessly moral by nature of himself – apparently, this is the only reason that the serum didn’t turn him as ugly as Red Skull.

My problem is that that means he has nowhere to go but down.

While moral perfection is nifty, it makes for a very boring story (fortunately they didn’t also make him overpowered the way DC did Superman, because then I would actually hate him and not just find his stories largely dis-interesting).

The thing is, Captain America is largely granted interest because of his villains. There is no conflict internally, so there’s a need for more intense villains and seemingly steeper odds.

On the other hand, since he’s been introduced, Iron Man has become a better and better person. Just as each movie sees the suits improved, we also are treated to a newly revised set of priorities, moving from getting a cheeseburger to protecting Pepper.


We go from –


To –


Where with Cap we’ve gone from protecting democracy to protecting humanity to protecting Bucky.

Just saying.

Then people pull the Age of Ultron card.

“Oh, Tony Stark built Ultron, Ultron went bad, Tony deserves to go to jail, blah blah blah.”

In the words of one of my other friends, “AoU was just everyone going, ‘Tony no!’ while Iron Man goes, ‘Tony YES!’ and Hulk goes, ‘Meh whatever.'”

This is complete and utter bullcrap. If everyone who ever designed something that became evil in the wrong hands was a bad guy, Tony would have good cell mates – Hank Pym, for one, seeing as Pym Particles power Yellowjacket, and Dr. Abraham Erskine. The guy who invented the super soldier serum.

Not to mention Bucky. Just saying.

This is all aside from the fact that, by Marvel Cinematic Universe standards, Age of Ultron was actually pretty poorly done. It’s biggest flaws are the pacing issues that it suffers from, given that we’re treated to origins of four major Marvel Universe characters (two of whom also die), as well as setups for Thor: Ragnarok, Captain America: Civil War, and Black Panther, minimum. Several less important characters are introduced and, in some cases, killed over the course of the movie as well. We also get expansions of the relative origins of Black Widow.

The majority of characters fell flat of their impressive post-Avengers/pre-AoU development. There’s my aforementioned issue with the Tony/Pepper relationship, and Thor even goes to meet with Doctor Selvig without asking about Jane, let alone stopping in to see her. The Black Widow is flirting with another Avenger, again with little precedence, but she’s apparently actually into him. War Machine shows up when Fury does, in spite of the fact that he’s Air Force and hardly affiliated with Fury, while Falcon doesn’t, in spite of having fought alongside Fury before, not to mention that the (incorrectly used) Iron Patriot persona has disappeared with no trace. There’s that one death that was ridiculously poorly orchestrated (you should know which one I’m taking about).

And then there’s the one thought I really don’t get – why do people expect the Avengers to give Tony crap about creating Ultron, when Ms. Immature Maximoff manipulates him into it for revenge? Ultron would never have been born had she not interfered with Tony’s mind. Then she and her brother proceeded to help him get Vibranium… I mean for real, we’re mad about the most established Avenger trying to actually save the world but totally cool with the new kids on the block helping the glitchy program try to end it? For real?

This –


Should read something more like this –


I don’t know.

What I’m driving at is that the fanbase is villainizing (I made that word up, didn’t I…) the hero with the most wins under his belt. Because Bucky has fangirls and Steve’s buff and hot with his shirt off. Or something like that. I need to give up before this fandom drives me insane.

Alright there was something else I was going to say but I forgot what it was. Have a nice evening, and thanks for reading (if you did)!


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