Adorableness and DC (Not at the Same Time)

First off – Just stumbled upon this on Google Plus and I’m ninety percent sure it’s the most adorable thing ever. If Civil War were a battle of cuteness then Iron Man would have won at this photo (unfortunately it isn’t so it’ll be three more months before we know the winner).


Alright, here’s your DC now.

For those of you who don’t know (which should be all of you, internet creepers), I recently began the decent into madness that is being a fan of both DC and Marvel. It’s all thanks to these two concept arts/image releases for a Batman (ironically, my least favorite character or all time out of everything until this madness began. I think that’s a proper use of “ironically”…) videogame (Arkham Knight, if you must know) –

First, the Arkham Knight himself –


Then the Red Hood –Red_Hood-Arkhamverse

I have since learned that these are actually the same character in different personas. Gee whiz. Apparently I just think Jason Todd is really freaking cool.

I actually found these pictures as a result of being awed by a Red Hood action figure in a Gamestop one of my friends dragged me into that looked something more like this –


I proceeded to watch a play-through of the game on youtube, which was immensely boring.

However, I discovered that Nightwing is almost as cool looking as these two –


And that Red Hood/The Arkham Knight/Robin Number Two’s story is incredibly well done.


A well done story AND a crap ton of awesome armor designs? I mean, even Robin looks cool in this game, and I’ve NEVER liked his costume (red, green, and yellow spandex? Yikes…) –


I mean, shut up and take my money, right? Except I lack any sort of valid system to play this game on and you play as Batman anyways. Although his armor is pretty cool too –


It’s almost Iron Man-esque without seeming rip-offish. I mean, just wow.

What I’m driving at is that they managed to breach two of my biggest misgivings about their characters – one, that Batman is impossible to hurt or outmaneuver, and two, that many of their characters look (mildly) ridiculous.

I still dislike Batman fanboys and the argument that Batman wins things because “He’s Batman”… But I respect the character now, at a bare minimum. Maybe I even like him a little bit, deep down.

Now, I’m not sure where this falls in the canon of the overall DC Universe, but it was good enough a story to pique my interest.

I’m not going to pretend to be an avid fan already, because I’m not. I’ve only allowed the exposure of one video game into my life, (unless you count Lego Batman, in which case I’ve allowed two in,)  but, insofar as gateway drugs can be considered, this one was done brilliantly.

Am I likely to get into the comics? Probably not. I don’t even have the time or money for the comics pertaining to my pre-invested obsessions, Marvel or Doctor Who.

Am I liable to learn more? Yes. I will begin to learn what’s in the canon. I might even watch Batman vs. Superman when it comes out. Who knows.

Should I? You tell me.

Parting shot – Batmobile –



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