So, you may have figured out by now that when you refresh, the GIF playing at the top of the page randomizes. I’ve decided to collect them all here for you. Some are funny, some are serious, and they’re mostly just straight up epic. Here ya go.


First up, all the Star Wars ones


Then Doctor Who

Marvel (This has some of the best. I apologize for the bias in favor of Iron Man – wait, no I don’t. He’s gonna destroy Cap in Civil War. And deepest apologies, Bucky – I love you, but like I said – Team Iron Man.)

A second chunk of Marvel ones because

WordPress is being stupid.

This one is just proof that Hawkeye is the coolest of them all.


And finally, fewest in number but favorite for content, Pacific Rim.

And, finally, my two absolute favorite gifs ever.

Number 1.


Number 2.



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