The Internet is the Dumbest Best Thing Ever, and Crossovers are Brilliant

So, it turns out online homework is REALLY REALLY hard when Google is a thing and there’s funny stuff on it and blah-blah-blah.

I spent the last half an hour getting dirty looks from the other people in the library because I’m reading Hyperbole And A Half (which is just about the single greatest thing in the history of things. Go here and find out for yourself) and laughing at it hysterically.

However, after finishing my homework in the cracks, I was still reading Hyperbole and a Half.

But it led to a realization, so that’s good.

I realized that I haven’t the slightest clue as to what my goals for this blog are. Or even if I want to have goals for it. Or if it even matters. (Although I had 31 views today. I feel like half of them were probably myself, but 15.5 views from not-me-people has to count for something, right?)

So I wanted to kinda-sorta define what the whole point of this blog is.

The first is that it serves as a vehicle for the story-that-I’m-writing-that-I-would-not-define-as-a-Doctor-Who-fan-fiction-but-everyone-else-I-talk-to-does-because-they’re-either-soulless-or-have-a-broader-slash-different-definition-of-fan-fiction-than-I-do.

The second is that it will be one of those brain-dumpy things for when I have a lot on my mind and want to argue with myself about something that doesn’t actually exist, like all the reasons Iron Man would destroy Batman in a fight or why the Doctor is the single greatest hero ever (except Iron Man ties).

It’s kind of a place to be the fangirl I am (using that as a non-gendered noun, since, last time I checked, I’m a dude and “fangirling” is a thing while “fanboying” sounds stupid. Stop judging me.).

Expect Doctor Who (if you couldn’t already tell that was happening, that declaration probably won’t help, but you know).

Also Marvel, Warhammer 40, Star Wars, and possibly other things and/or crossovers.

For now, to prove my obsession point, here’s my wordpress profile pic –


It’s a fricking T.A.R.D.I.S. Iron Man suit! How stinking awesome is that?

Anyways. Long story short, expect stories with lots of random thoughts in the middle. Yes. That’s what I was driving at.

Oh, and I want to write my Doctor Who story well enough that I can reasonably lobby to get it used on the show. If you are a Doctor Who fan, comments and criticism and all that jazz are welcome, your support would be absolutely the coolest thing in the world, and if you shoot me down, I will cry. If you think it’s good though, feel free to share it!


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