So, this will be part of my standard. I do have very stringent religious standards, but most of my characters are not religious. Do not judge me for my characters. Just because I am Mormon and disapprove of decisions like murder, stealing candy bars, homosexuality, and sending people back in time to feed off their unused time energy does not mean I cannot write characters who do those things because A) I support others’ right to make their own choices, and B) it makes sense in the story. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s that simple.


In addition, much (if not all) of my work will be set in existing “universes.” I don’t call them fanfictions because they largely use original characters and are carefully crafted to fit in the canonical timelines of the universes I am working with. Any and all work on this blog will be my own unless specifically stated. Where I can, I will give credit; at a bare minimum, I will specify what is not mine.


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